Walks and Trails

Experience Europe’s only attraction celebrating Cornwall’s internationally important china clay mining industry, set within a family friendly country park.

Wheal Martyn’s grounds tell a story of the dramatic change to the Cornish landscape. Take a walk through this special place, the trails offer a unique opportunity for you to discover how Cornwall’s mining history has transformed the local area. Large waterwheels, vintage trucks, a train and fantastic woodland play area will capture your children’s imagination. Keep your eyes peeled for beautiful wild flowers, birds, butterflies and aquatic life who have made Wheal Martyn their home.

Nature Trail

The nature trail is half a mile walk and passes through the grounds of two china clay works. You will find man-made buildings, a range of wild animals and mature Rhododendron which disguise the signs of clay extraction. Follow the path and discover the Gomm Engine House and Viewing Point, the Viewing Point provides a spectacular open area from where to view the St. Austell River Valley.

woodland and nature trails at wheal martyn museum
wheal martyn museum, woodland and nature walks and trails
wheal martyn museum, woodland and nature walks and trails
wheal martyn museum, woodland and nature walks and trails

The magical history of mining can be found at the Flat Rod Tunnel, not originally built for human traffic, you will have to crouch as you walk through, look out for small insects and caterpillars which are popular with Nuthatch birds that visit here. As you follow the trail up to the working pit, your children will love running across small bridges over the sites stream. Stay off the circular route up to ‘Pit View’ and look down into a working pit, so huge that massive machines and grown men appear to be the size of children’s toys.

Historic Trail

Whether you are interested in history or want to discover something new, the historic trail offers a unique opportunity to explore Cornwall’s mining heritage. Discover how two clay works shaped the local area and uncover why Wheal Martyn is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The trail will take you on a tour of the historical Victorian clay works, revealing Wheal Martyn’s past life at the heart of this global industry. See Cornwall’s largest waterwheel in action, find our second waterwheel which previously worked flat rods to the clay pit. Follow the trail on to the crib hut, from here you will discover our curious and beautiful turquoise settling pools.

Finish the trail in the transport yard, this yard is at the heart of our outdoor museum, showcasing the collection of artefacts and vehicles related to transporting china clay. You will discover the Lee Moor No1 locomotives and our two vintage Lorries here.

Site of Special Scientific Interest and Boulder Park

See a unique example of exposed granite which demonstrates a stage of kaolinisation, normally only seen at the bottom of a clay pit. Gathered around the Site of Special Scientific Interest are some fascinating examples of local geology, showing the variety within the granite of the local area.

trails map, wheal martyn nature and walk trails
wheal martyn museum map of grounds