Collections Management Support

The Butter Market at Helston Museum

Collections Management Support for Museums in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

As part of my role as Collections Coordinator for the Cornwall Museums Partnership I offer site visits to museums across the county to give them support and help with collections documentation. At Wheal Martyn we have been tackling a large backlog so I can definitely understand how daunting this can feel! After all we are all in the same boat, to a greater or lesser extent.

Ahead of the visit I ask museums to complete a simple questionnaire, based on documentation requirements for Museums Accreditation, so that I can understand the position they are in and we can make best use of the time we spend together.

I have visited 7 museums so far, some being for a single day and others having further follow-up days. The museums have varied in their Accreditation status – some being fully Accredited and others working towards Accreditation.

The days have, without exception, been interesting and fun – as well as, according to feedback, very much appreciated by those wanting the support and advice!

Jo was well prepared and conveyed a sense of fun so we didn’t feel ill at ease”

“[The visit] was brilliant and has totally transformed what we are doing and given us impetus to get going… we are now much more confident … and the impact has been amazing”

“Jo’s visit was incredibly valuable… I now feel far more confident about both the fact that we’re going in the right direction and about where to go next…. I’d recommend these visits to anyone… we’re very lucky to have this type of support in the Cornwall museum sector”

An unexpected result from a recent day spent helping set up a programme for inventory checking at Helston Museum was that staff and volunteers there were inspired to make a short film about it – a lovely project involving volunteers of all ages! Do have a look at it through the link below.

If any museums would like me to come and spend a day with them to help with documenting their collections do get in touch with me on

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