'Our Fading Heritage' exhibition is an exciting collaboration of mixed media works by contemporary artists Jemma Gunning and Andy Faulkner.

Their work will focus on abandoned historic buildings and quarry sites and how they have shaped our landscape.

There will be a collection of drawings, paintings, prints and ceramic works that investigate the changing landscapes that surround us.

Inspired by the 'Cornish Alps', the artists looked at how they could link various industrial landscapes across the UK. This included the ruins at Nantgarw China Works in South Wales, who still use the clay that is being dug up from Cornwall.

They have also spent time exploring and drawing the disused clay pits, capturing how humans are essentially shape shifters - constantly altering the land, hungry for the minerals beneath our feet - and how nature then reclaims the land once humans have left. 

On display 16 January - 21 April 2024.

Free to enter - included in museum admission. 

Find the exhibition in our Roger Preston Gallery.