Caroline Winn has been teaching, exhibiting and creating ceramics for 25 years using porcelain, paper clay, stoneware and found materials. 

Caroline Winn’s ceramic sculptures draw on narratives around migration and trade, using salt and china clay as a metaphor. 

Fascinated both by both materials - especially their many associations and histories - Caroline is hoping through her work to draw attention to stories around migration and trade, as both salt and china clay have been highly valued and extensively transported across the world over time.

China clay was first used in China more than 10,000 years ago and became highly prized by European ceramics producers and other industries. Salt, meanwhile, has been traded for thousands of years as humans and animals can not exist without it. It is a sought-after commodity that has been taxed to fund states as well as sometimes a weapon of environmental destruction in periods of strife. 

This exhibition around the Museum and in the Roger Preston Gallery will display a selection of Caroline’s “Salt Journey” ceramics, as well as prints based on them and pieces (displayed in the Blueing Shed) that she created from china clay dug from the Wheal Martyn pit.  

Price: Included in standard museum admission

Contact: [email protected]
Location: Roger Preston Gallery