Our Citizen Curators programme is a free, work-based training programme in museum awareness and modern curatorial practice, aimed at volunteers from the local community (no experience or qualifications needed). 

The six month programme involves a series of training workshops, a museum based project and the opportunity for participants to shape and influence the Cornish National Collection.

The course is organised by Cornwall Museums Partnership, a sector-leading charity which invests in the development of Cornish museums.

Citizen Curators supports participants in growing their confidence and competence in five key areas of curatorial work: collections, communities, research, interpretation and communication. Using a coaching-style of teaching, based on Kolb’s experiential learning cycle, participants self and peer-assess the changes they experience, supporting each other in their learning groups.

‘This exciting programme provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn new skills and allows us to look at our museum’s collection in new ways.  The participants' work leads to new content, new knowledge and new relationships for Wheal Martyn, helping us to present our heritage and engage people in different ways.’

Nikita Brown, Exhibition and Engagement Officer

Our 2017/2018 cohort of Citizen Curators created their own exhibition called ‘Engineering the Earth’. They wrote blogs and social media posts on their topic, and even took part in a digital takeover. All participants have continued to volunteer at Wheal Martyn in various ways, and continue to share the museum’s collection.

Volunteers who took part in the programme last year all enjoyed their experiences and developed new skills in the museum sector.

For more information, contact Nikita Brown.