‘A treasure chest of health and happiness’ Artslab at Brannel School

‘Following a highly challenging couple of years, young people are in need of opportunities that encourage fun, connection, expression and perhaps, most importantly give them agency.’

We asked young people what activity they would hold close and put in their treasure box?

From this idea they created paintings to start conversations about wellbeing.

Young people learnt how to create gif animations and used this to record each other putting the things they love to do in a treasure chest.

We explored how these treasured activities could be described through the 5 ways of wellbeing.

  • Connect
  • Get Moving
  • Find time for you
  • Stop and take notice
  • Give to others

The group also learnt how to record audio on their phones and devices, interviewing each other about their treasured activity, exploring what they do and how it makes them feel better.

It was good to reflect on how we have shown resilience in difficult times, thinking about this makes us more able to find the right wellbeing strategies when we need them in the future.

Artslab is a creative wellbeing programme by and for young people in Cornwall, delivered by Headstart Kernow, FEAST and Arts Well.