Local ceramic artist Zenna Tagney will be on site creating a gang of clay piskies - 'Buccawidden' - made from porcelain with local china clay.  You can watch them being made in situ at Wheal Martyn.  From the 1st September onwards you'll also be able to find these creations hidden away in nooks and crannies across Wheal Martyn.

'Bucca' is a very old Cornish word meaning 'spirit'.  Folklorist William Bottrell collected stories about the good spirits "Bucka Gwidden" - 'gwidden' meaning white in the 1890s.  In more recent times, the 'white' of their name has led to Buccawidden being associated, through plays and stories, with china clay, the 'white gold' of Clay Country.

There is no need to book nor additional fee.  Zenna will be making the piskies outside in situ, so drop by, have a look and ask questions!

Contact [email protected] with any queries.


Image credit: Steve Tanner