Industrial Heritage Subject Specialist Network (SSN)

Wheal Martyn is led and developed a Subject Specialist Network (SSN) on the subject of Industrial Heritage for Cornwall and the wider South West region, with the support of Arts Council England through its Major Partner Museum programme in Cornwall.

The SSN helped to develop and share skills and knowledge around managing, preserving, making accessible and interpreting industrial heritage. It also explored ways of supporting the development of knowledge relating to the Cornish Diaspora and associated mining diaspora in West Devon. Activity was supported by museums and heritage organisations across Cornwall with those from other SW organisations becoming involved as awareness of the network grew. The aim was to expand the network regionally, with links nationally, to support the diverse nature of industrial heritage existing in the South West. Historic England (formerly English Heritage) aimed to support Industrial Heritage which is at risk.

The programme for 2016 aimed to focus on large industrial objects in Bristol (Big Stuff in Bristol: making the best use of a city’s industrial heritage with Andy King, Senior Curator of Industrial and Maritime History and Working Exhibits with Bristol’s Museums); industrial heritage on film – stills and moving image; a range of projects and advice at the annual conference in March and a training session for industrial objects.

As part of the support provided by the SSN, a newsletter is collated and distributed at least twice a year to museums, mining attractions, heritage organisations and other interested parties across Cornwall and beyond. The newsletter acts as a platform to share best practice on all things related to industrial heritage and welcomes contributions from other museums and heritage organisations in the South West.

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Understanding and Maintaining Historic Industrial Buildings: 17 November 2017

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past events

+Cornish Mining and the World conference – 17 March 2017

Our third annual industrial heritage conference
They say “A mine is a hole anywhere in the world with at least one Cornishman at the bottom of it!”  Our conference and networking event, opened by Dr Sharron Schwartz, celebrated and explored some of the many links between Cornwall’s mining industry and the world, both in the past and today.

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  • Cornish in Latin America – Dr Sharron Schwartz, Project Development Officer and Heritage Consultant, ERA-Maptec Ltd.
  • Mastering how to be Jack – Chrissie Le Marchant, Blue Badge Guide
  • Cornish China Clay a Global Business – Chris Varcoe, Imerys Minerals Ltd.
  • A True World Heritage Site – Ainsley Cocks, Cornish Mining World Heritage Site
  • Heritage Futures – Robyn Raxworthy, Exeter University
  • Wheal Martyn’s global role – Colin Bristow, Geologist and China Clay History Society
  • Richard Trevithick – Kingsley Rickard, Trevithick Society

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+Industrial Heritage: Film and Footage

Presentation led by Sarah Lloyd-Durrant, Digitisation Officer at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro

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+Big Stuff in Bristol - 26 February 2016

Making best use of a city’s industrial heritage

A talk led by Andy King, Senior Curator – Industrial and Maritime History and Working Exhibits for Bristol Museums
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+Making it Work: Industrial Heritage in the South West – 18 March 2016
+Cornwall’s Industrial Heritage: Celebrating the Past

Our second annual industrial heritage conference

A conference and networking event celebrating our Cornish mining industrial heritage, showcasing its significance, the risk and challenges it faces and looking at ways in which we can help preserve, safeguard and keep it alive for future generations.

A series of speakers, workshops and case studies included:
John Stengelhofen, key note  – The importance of Cornish industrial heritage

Stephen Gilbert MP – A look at the government’s stance on the importance of industrial heritage

Deborah Boden, World Heritage Site Coordinator – The importance of metalliferous mining heritage

Ivor Bowditch, China Clay History Society – The importance of china clay mining heritage

Emmie Kell, Cornwall Museums Partnership – The role working in partnership can play in preserving industrial heritage

Manda Brockman, CoaST One Planet Tourism Network – The role of tourism in creating a sustainable future for industrial heritage

Philip Hoskin, Trevithick Society – The driving forces that operated Cornwall’s industry

Sensory Trust – Exploring the landscape of industrial heritage in Cornwall – access for all

Friends of Luxulyan Valley – A case study of the industrial history of the Luxulyan Valley

Colin Bristow – Geo-tourism

Malcolm Gould, Wheal Martyn volunteer – Following a passion, volunteering for industrial heritage

Dr. Caitlin Desilvey – The contribution that higher education research and education activities can make to understanding and appreciating industrial heritage in Cornwall

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