volunteers in museum at wheal martyn

Jo Moore – here to help you with your collection!

I have been working as the Collections Coordinator for Cornwall Museums Partnership since April 2015, supporting museums across Cornwall to tackle their collection management challenges. My work is being delivered as part of Cornwall’s Major Partner Museum programme, funded by Arts Council England. I am the Curator at Wheal Martyn Museum, which itself has a number of collection related challenges and alongside tackling these I am supporting other museums by providing advice, training and support informed by our own learning, experience and progress.

 volunteers in museum at wheal martyn

At Wheal Martyn we have an array of challenges following a significant period prior to 2012 without a Curator. I have been working in a planned and systematic way to address these and, in doing so, I have been sharing what we learn with other museums in Cornwall, hopefully inspiring and helping to provide them with the skills and confidence to do the same.

I have been supporting museums via site visits, on the phone and through the provision of training sessions which I organise at Wheal Martyn. I have an open door for anyone working in museums across Cornwall to come along and seek advice or see what we are doing – you can even get involved hands on with our team of volunteers to learn new skills!

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This blog is an additional way of helping to share and support museum staff and volunteers. Over the coming months we will be sharing some of the highlights of what we have learnt and achieved over the past two years and sharing some tips and advice.

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