Wheal Martyn’s recognition as Investors in People is enhanced

Wheal Martyn Trust has recently been recognised with a prestigious Investors in People (IIP) Gold accreditation as part of a periodic review of the accreditation which has been held by its Corporate Trustee, South West Lakes Trust, since 2001.  Wheal Martyn was first included in the review in 2015 and the recent enhanced award recognises the continued progress and commitment of both charities to their people.

Investors in People work with organisations across the world who listen to and develop their employees. Their teams help businesses to engage with their employees and to develop a culture that aligns and delivers their objectives. Ultimately it is a standard for people management, enabling benchmarking of the effectiveness of leadership and management.

By working with Investors in People, South West Lakes Trust (SWLT) and Wheal Martyn Trust (WMT) have worked to continually improve their practices – the Gold accreditation is in recognition of this and demonstrates their commitment to supporting employees to develop their knowledge and skills, enabling them to meet organisational and personal ambitions.  This accreditation also recognises the trust in the leadership of both charities and confidence in their future direction.

The charities were particularly commended for their positive and open communication allowing everyone to understand the aims and to progress towards delivering them. Employees were highly praised for their commitment to the success of both charities and for their enthusiasm to deliver key outcomes.

Assessor Joanna Gillingham said, ‘Congratulations to everyone for maintaining Investors in People accreditation and for improving your level of accreditation to GOLD. This is a great achievement and everybody should be really proud of this outcome.’

In her report Joanna said, ‘Having worked with SWLT for a number of years, I’m delighted to have conducted this assessment and be able to report that the culture and practice at the Trust continues to be based on shared values, a passion for the vision and aims of the Trust, and an open and transparent way of working that supports both individual and operational performance’.

The Wimbleball team with the Chief Executive of SWLT, Andy Parsons, receiving their Bronze award at the Bristol Bath and Somerset Awards in November 2018. 

SWLT now employs a core team of around 60 people, caring for and providing access to South West Water’s reservoirs in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset and also incorporates (as a subsidiary charity) Wheal Martyn, the China Clay museum, on the outskirts of St Austell.

Since 2015, a robust performance management process has been developed. Andy Parsons, Chief Executive of both charities, said, ‘We have strengthened our individual performance assessment over recent years and this is now a two-way process and a positive system for our employees who have the opportunity to influence their quarterly and annual goals.’

Colin Vallance, Director of Wheal Martyn said, ‘We are thrilled with this result, which extends to Wheal Martyn – to be awarded Gold is a true reflection of the dedication and value of our employees. IIP expect the Gold accreditation to be awarded to the top 2 percentile of organisations assessed, so it really is something for employees to be proud of and my thanks goes to them all for making this recognition possible.’

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