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Dig deep and discover the special ingredient in your everyday life that still shapes Cornwall and the world today…china clay! It hides in your toothpaste, your paper, your car tyres and even your cosmetics. It’s a billion pound, global industry. We are telling the story of Cornwall’s secret, and the people who brought it to you, from the heart of Clay Country.




Please consider making a donation to Wheal Martyn. Your donation will go where it is most needed; for example, preserving our collections or the Victorian clay works, providing educational opportunities or developing community activities such as our Memory Cafe.



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Step behind the scenes of our china clay museum to join the team before we open to the public!


Author: Annabel Underwood

2024 is a great time to discover Wheal Martyn 


Acres to Explore, Discover and Enjoy!


Years of mining at Wheal Martyn and new facilities and exhibitions launched


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Upcoming events

  • Expressions of Salt and China Clay Traces

    Caroline Winn has been teaching, exhibiting and creating ceramics for 25 years using porcelain, paper clay, stoneware and found materials. Using crystalline salt structures created in her studio, Caroline will draw a parallel between the harvesting of salt and the mining of china clay in this new exhibition. On display until 1 July 2024. Read more

  • Froggy Fun Activities

    Wheal Martyn is about to welcome hundreds of baby frogs! To help celebrate, why not paint a frog flowerpot or create your own frog image on a tile or sculpt in air-dry clay this half-term. On until Friday 31 May. Read more

  • Richard Trethewey performs 'Two Halves'

    Born in Cornwall’s Clay Country, Richard Trethewey is a singer, fiddle and cittern player delivering his distinct take on Cornish music, giving Cornwall a truly authentic voice. Read more

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