Below we have a range of ideas, resources, activities and projects to entertain, educate and engage young people.  The ideas on this page are ideal for use with the family, as a Home Learning project or even to support pupils’ knowledge and understanding before or after their school visit to Wheal Martyn Clay Works.

We will add to this page and update the materials, so please do keep popping back to see what else we have on offer.  Come back soon to find out about our Story Project and a Fitness Challenge!

NEW! My Mini-Museum Challenge

Take the challenge to design and create your own ‘mini-museum’.  Re-imagine your own museum exhibition and become a Curator of your own artefacts. It could be in any form – a Time Capsule Box, a table-top display or a digital gallery of images and words.

You might theme it to “My Lockdown Mini Museum” or “The Place I Call Home”, to document these unusual times that we are living in?

Use these resources to plan your challenge:

  • Find out what and who a Curator is in the following film by our Trainee Curator:
  • Complete the Fact Sheet What is a Curator Download here
  • Take a closer look at what makes for a good exhibition, before accepting the My Mini Museum Challenge Download challenge here
  • Now it’s time to get creative and plan your own exhibition! Use this planning sheet to get started Designing My Mini-Museum Download planning sheet here

We would love to share the best and most creative ideas with the public!  Do send a digital copy or photos of your Mini-Museum to [email protected] and use #whealmartyn200 on social media.  

You can also us #FrontRoomFieldTrips to link with other creative and fun activities with Cornish museums at home!

Cornish clay heritage activities:

  • Colour by Numbers is an easy introduction to some of the wonderful uses of China clay, all found in our everyday. Download here
  • So, you think you know what China clay is used in?! Then test yourself with the Clever Clay Uses Crossword. Download here
  • Do you fancy more of a challenge? Then undertake the Cornish Clay Knowledge Crossword, testing your knowledge of the China clay industry, old and new.  Download the crossword here and the crossword answers here
  • Discover some of our hidden gems at Wheal Martyn with the Wheal Martyn Word Search: an ideal way to introduce you to, or remind you of our beautiful and unique Victorian clay works.  Download word search here and the word search answers here
  • Think outside the box and use your imagination! Take on the Transport Scavenger Quiz: get searching through your classroom, playground, garage, bedroom draws, and kitchen cupboard or toy boxes to find objects and inspiration to complete the challenge. Download Transport Scavenger Quiz here
  • Relax and get colouring with our Clay Transport Colouring sheet, revealing some of the methods of transporting China clay Download Clay Transport Colouring here
  • Unleash your inner Scientist and engineering spirit! Take a STEM Challenge with our Clay Cargo Ship Activity, and investigate what makes ships float and find the best designs to carry a load.  Download Clay Cargo Ship Instructions here

Crafting and building activities:

  • Make up your own mode of ‘China clay transport’ and build a model or draw a picture of your creation. You could raid your recycling bin and create a fantastic junk model
  • Create your own Clay Country, with clay works, railways, roads and ports. Build a track in your sitting room or garden for your model cars, trucks and trains, delivering and collecting clay.  You could even make a papier-mâché clay pit!
  • Bake and decorate a cake or some biscuits in the ‘Clay Transport’ theme. Top Tips:

Simple Solutions: simply decorate a plain biscuit, like Rich Tea or Digestives, with a wagon wheel design. Or build a biscuit collage of a vehicle like a lorry

A Bit More Tricky: bake a cake and decorate it as a vehicle or build it in the shape of a vehicle, like a cargo ship or train

Get active and outdoors:

  • Build a Mini Nature Raft with Badger Forest Schools. See the following great video demonstration:

               - Simply gather some simple materials from around your garden or during your hourly walk, such as short sticks,                           leaves and grasses.

               - Use some wool or string to tie together to create a simple raft. You could add a mast and sail.

               - Test your raft in a pond, stream, puddle or even a paddling pool. You could even have a raft race!  

  • Coming soon…. Take on the Pit to Port Fitness Challenge! Our fitness challenge will soon be uploaded here, so pop back soon to test your strength and skills against the clock

Please make sure you send us pictures of your creations and hard work by sharing on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using Use #whealmartyn200 

We have some fantastic stories and competitions, exploring and investigating our museum collection and our local heritage.  To find out more click here and follow our hashtags #whealmartyncreate  #celebrateclaycountry and #whealmartyn200  

Thanks for helping us to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of China clay first being mined at Wheal Martyn in 1820!