Proudly celebrating our local landscape, environment and people, Our Proud Roots is a chance to explore and reflect on what makes our place and community special, with a new perspective on our changed world.  This is a chance to re-discover nature and the wonderful effects it has on our body and soul!

You can download and try out our creative, hands-on family activities below. Join in from home, your back garden or out in nature. Why not come to Wheal Martyn to explore our special site and see our beautiful clay landscape with your own eyes? 

How do I get involved?

Simply download the activities below and get creative, using the worksheets and videos to guide you. 

Once you have completed an activity, submit your ideas with a short explanation of what inspired your creation and what you are proud of in your local area.  Maybe you have discovered kind people, tranquil places or beautiful views that have filled you with pride for your local place? You can also share your work on social media using #OurProudRoots.

Here are the activities to download:

Celebrate and share 'Our Proud Roots'

Our Proud Roots was performed in the woods at Wheal Martyn on Saturday 19th September, as part of the Whitegold Festival of Clay. Suzie West and SpinDrift Dance Collective performed a reflective, fun and inspired piece combining music, song, dance and storytelling. The performance reflected contributions of artwork, writing and photos kindly offered by the local community. The effect was truly special, echoing the appreciation for nature and beautiful clay landscapes our community has found during this unusual and challenging year.

Sample a taste of the magic...

See the Plug into your Roots film:

The Silent Disco soundtrack is available here.

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