The fascinating story of Jack Clemo’s braille pocket watch

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12 reasons to get your Cornwall Residents' Pass

Until 31 March 2020, we are offering discounted annual admission to all residents of Cornwall. Read more

Unusual creative explorations of Cornwall’s china clay mining area

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Diary of a Trainee Curator Vlogs

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“Playing detective” and a minor question of ethics

I’ve always had a love for history, especially when you don’t know all the details of an event or person but you still have a few testimonies or maybe a couple of pictures; just scraps of evidence that you then try to piece together into a bigger picture. Read more

Nature photography at Wheal Martyn

Kevin Bowers is an amateur wildlife photographer who has recently been taking some wonderful photographs on site at Wheal Martyn. He also volunteers here, and has been practising photography for about six years. Read more