Blueing House Launders

The old launders on site were built 30 years ago to replicate where the original ones once lay. They were never a functional piece, but a dry representation. Over the decades, the braces had rotted, the planks dried and distorted, and the exhibit had become unsightly.

Failed launder before restoration

A team, comprising of Site Crew and three volunteers, worked together to fully restore the 30 year-old exhibit to its original 200 year-old standard and use - to once again convey water around the works.

In November 2020, the old planks were dismantled and removed to the Linhay to dry and be restored to their original shape. After three months, all of the planks were treated with preservative and black-jacked. After drying they were returned to the site to acclimatise.

South launder in situ

The launders were then rebuilt in their original form as they once stood over two hundred years ago - with a perfectly level launder of over 150 feet. The structure was then treated with bitumen to waterproof and aid preservation, and the delivery sluice from the Blueing House was designed and added.

Joint before and after restoration

The whole launder began delivering water to the three settling tanks on the 17th of August 2021 for the first time in at least 80 years - when the last clay was treated here. It was re-constructed out of 30 year-old reclaimed wood making up 95% of its present form. Missing timber was replaced with new tanalised spruce, and all rusted steel fixings were replaced with specialist outdoor passivated steel fixings.

South launder almost complete

Thank you to the team of volunteers who helped in the various stages from reclamation through to final fitting.

Wayne Booth

Site Supervisor