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Dig deep and discover the special ingredient in your everyday life that still shapes Cornwall and the world today…china clay! It hides in your toothpaste, your paper, your car tyres and even your cosmetics. It’s a billion pound, global industry. We are telling the story of Cornwall’s secret, and the people who brought it to you, from the heart of Clay Country.



Kurt Jackson: Clay Country

At Wheal Martyn from 17 May - 5 September


Author: Annabel Underwood

Activities at Home

We have a range of activities which are perfect for families and school children to take part in at home.


Author: Colin Vallance

2021 is a great time to discover Wheal Martyn 


Acres to Explore, Discover and Enjoy!


Years of mining at Wheal Martyn and new facilities and exhibitions launched


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Upcoming events

  • Kurt Jackson’s ‘Clay Country’ Exhibition

    A new exhibition by contemporary artist Kurt Jackson. Read more

  • Rita Floyd Drop-in Ceramics Workshop

    In conjunction with the Whitegold 2021 Festival, we are excited to host a drop-in workshop with master china flower maker Rita Floyd. Read more

  • Neil Brownsword Workshops

    As part of the 2021 Whitegold Festival, join artist Neil Brownsword in a series of exclusive bookable workshops which will allow you to access the intertwined clay and ceramic based traditions of the south west and North Staffordshire. Read more

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