The Paper Phoenix

A blog by our artist in residence, Carol Weir Read more

The women of Clay Country

Clay Country has often been an overlooked area of Cornwall because it is not as easy to romanticise the open pits and sky tips as it is the old tin and copper mining landscapes further west in Cornwall. In this sense, the people of Clay Country, especially the women, have often been overlooked. As it is International Women’s Day on the day of posting (8th March), it seemed a better time than any to help to correct this. Read more

Nature’s Return

With spring just beginning to poke its head out from beneath winter’s chill and colour starting to return to the world, we decided to dive into the topic of how both colour and new life returned to Clay Country after centuries of industrial development. Read more

Meet our new Trainee Curator, Alexander

A blog by our new Trainee Curator, Alexander Read more

Reflections on Cornwall with Simon Reeve

Many of us have now watched the new Simon Reeve two-part documentary on Cornwall which highlighted issues which are often forgotten by other media representations of the duchy. Read more

Community input on helping to complete records

Social media can be a powerful tool for museums; not only is it a way for museums to promote their collections and offers for potential visitors but it can also be a way of reaching those visitors on a more personal level. Read more

Clay Stories

Have you seen our Clay Stories? We have been sharing interesting historical snippets weekly for around two years. They give us the opportunity to research various historical events and aspects of life in Cornwall’s Clay Country, sourcing images from our wonderful collection of photographs. Read more

A perspective on Wheal Martyn, by a volunteer

I like to think that in some small way we volunteers – whatever task we do - are making a contribution to the preservation of the industry history in general and Wheal Martyn (something once commonplace but now virtually unique) in particular.  Not just for the benefit of future generations but also so that it will not be lost.  So future Cornwall explorers can be as astounded as I was. Read more

Introducing our new Trainee Curator

Follow Sian on a guided tour of Wheal Martyn! Read more

The fascinating story of Jack Clemo’s braille pocket watch

Find out some weird and wonderful facts about Jack Clemo's braille pocket watch! Read more

12 reasons to get your Cornwall Residents' Pass

Until 31 March 2020, we are offering discounted annual admission to all residents of Cornwall. Read more

Unusual creative explorations of Cornwall’s china clay mining area

Cornwall’s extraordinary clay mining landscape is a zone of rapid transformation, which will continue to evolve and change in the future. Human efforts combine with natural processes in sculpting and changing this unique landscape. Read more