Kevin Bowers is an amateur wildlife photographer who has recently been taking some wonderful photographs on site at Wheal Martyn. He also volunteers here, and has been practising photography for about six years.

After three months he decided to invest in his first DSLR camera. At present, he has his third camera, and can confidently call photography his main hobby, or ‘addiction’.

“I get so much pleasure from it, whether it is hot or cold weather outside. It’s a challenge to take good pictures, but when you do it gives you such a buzz. You always strive to get better photos and that’s what keeps you going.”

“I am a member of the CBWPS (Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society), a RSPB photography volunteer in Cornwall, and now I have joined the team here at Wheal Martyn . I have had pictures printed in the Bird Watching magazine (the readers page), the West Briton, Cornishman and the Mid Cornwall Advertiser.”

Kevin’s main focus is birds, and thus he uses a variety of methods to attract different species of birds to his garden. For example, he has two bird tables, two bird feeding stations and some logs. He uses a variety of different foods, such as nyger seed, normal bird seed, peanuts, mealworm blocks, sunflower hearts and fatballs.

Below are a selection of Kevin’s lovely photographs.

great tit