Following the success of our #CelebrateClayCountry photographic exhibition in summer 2020, we asked our local community to send in photographs they had taken on walks during the third lockdown.

In line with the Covid restrictions at the time, we didn’t want to encourage any travelling, so we asked people to take photographs of the clay landscape from their local lockdown walks – to see how far away you could be and still see the Clay Country in the background.

Our goal was to celebrate the unique industrial landscape of Mid Cornwall’s clay country, the sky tips of which are often dominating features of the from afar.

We collected a selection of the photographs that we were sent be local people and have displayed them outdoors, across the Historic Trail at Wheal Martyn and hope that you enjoy them on your visit.

Afterwards, why not explore the Clay Trails and take your own photographs? Tag us on social media if you do! #FarAwayClay

Running until September 2021.

Here are some tasters from the images we were sent...

(Kevin Wood, Adrienne Francis, Samantha Barned)

Banner image: Paul Trevenna