During 2019, we installed a 'hot box' (summer roost) for bats within the building adjacent to the Mica Dry, in advance of its restoration and conversion into a new exhibition gallery as part of the Clay Works project

The aim was to improve the conservation status of the species on site and to offer a more suitable (and much less disturbed) roost for the few bats that were making our museum their home. 

We are excited to report that a visit in February this year, by licensed bat worker Neil Reeves of South West Lakes Trust, revealed that the summer roost has been well utilised in its first year, confirming our hopes after having seen some 16 or so bats coming and going in 2020!

While the bats are away for the winter, we are installing a camera which will provide a live feed and footage which we will be able to share with visitors to give a glimpse of their secret world.  We eagerly await the return of the bats (and maybe some babies in the future) during 2021, who are thankfully exempt from government restrictions!