Banner image: Dan Ryan

A new summer exhibition, #CelebrateClayCountry, will be launched at Wheal Martyn Clay Works this August, celebrating the unique and interesting industrial landscapes of mid Cornwall.

The exhibition was a project borne out of the limitations of lockdown. During a period when people were not able to enjoy the clay landscape in person, we asked our social media followers (predominantly people from the local community), to share their images of Clay Country and what the landscape meant to them.

Photo: Daniel Ardagh

The response was overwhelmingly positive with over 200 images shared across our social channels. Many people reflected on how the clay landscapes had provided a safe space for positive health and wellbeing; to others, they are a place for family days and exploration.

In response, our team are launching a summer exhibition featuring a selection of these photographs and quotes. They will be displayed within the spacious outdoor grounds around the museum, allowing visitors to explore at their own pace whilst social distancing.

Photo: Kevin Wood

Colin Vallance, Managing Director of Wheal Martyn, said, “We are delighted to share some wonderful images contributed by our community during the lockdown, along with their personal reflections on them – together these really showcase how much the clay area means to people and how the landscape has been a symbol of hope and a place to escape during the pandemic.”

Now that lockdown is easing and people begin to explore this evocative landscape again, we are keen to celebrate this and are encouraging people to share new images they take either of the landscape or themselves enjoying and rediscovering it. Share via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CelebrateClayCountry.

The exhibition will be displayed at Wheal Martyn from early August. Pre-booking online is currently required for all visits to help manage a safe flow of visits. For more information or call 01726 850362, email [email protected].