June 2021

We have successfully joined this year’s New Wave Project with Heritage Open Days - one of just 10 organisations chosen from a cohort of over 80 applicants nationally!

Gemma Martin, Education Officer at Wheal Martyn, is leading the project which will take place over the coming months. The Heritage Open Days festival, which takes place annually in September, is too often perceived as only being for traditional heritage audiences of an older age bracket. New Wave seeks to change that. This year-long project aims to enable the delivery of high quality events that push the boundaries of what people expect of Heritage Open Days, widening their appeal to audience groups that we at Wheal Martyn have previously struggled to reach.

The project aims are:

  • To deliver an event aimed specifically at the 18-25 age bracket
  • To innovate and push the boundaries of our previous work
  • To develop a project with and not just for young people. We will consult, collaborate and co-create with our target demographic of 18-25 year olds throughout the process
  • To attract at least 50% of attendees to our event from within the target age bracket

Gemma will be taking part in the New Wave training and development project to help devise, plan and deliver an event which will form part of a national series promoted during the festival known as ‘The New Wave Series’.  

Plans are already underway - Gemma has met with a focus group of 18-25 year olds, generating ideas for the festival activities. From this meeting, a New Wave Team of young adults will now work alongside us to plan and deliver a programme of events for the festival from 10th to 19th September.

If you are interested in the New Wave Team, or supporting the Heritage Open Days Festival, please contact Gemma to find out more: [email protected]